Author: MAK Geert
ISBN: 9781784874995
Maison d'édition: Vintage
Disponibilité: En stock

Selected for "Readers of Europe" reading list (Summer 2020)

"In the final years of the 20th century, Geert Mak travelled across Europe where he delved into the cultural diversity of the European continent and discovered what unites its people. Each chapter of this book describes places – from Verdun to Berlin, Kiev to St Petersburg -  that have had a lasting impact on the European project in its current form. Mak has a great instinct for telling the (small) human stories that are behind the history as we know it, making the reader an eye-witness to Europe’s past.

In 2019, Mak published the sequel, ‘Grote Verwachtingen’ describing the history of Europe from 1999 to 2019. Currently only available in Dutch.

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